The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting businesses globally. People are naturally switching to social media to stay updated as this crisis unfolds, be connected with family and friends, and also remain engaged with brands they have grown to know and love. 
How can you use social media to help your business, clients, prospects and the community at this time? 
How can you use social media to help your business, clients, prospects and the community at this time? 
✅First things first, contact your clients and do this ASAP (if you haven't already!) They will be feeling the pain of this as much as you so make sure you reach out to them and see if they are ok. 
✅Email your database. This group of people have for one reason or another engaged with your brand. Keep them updated on your current situation and offer them support and advice. Not just once at the start and then go quiet either - keep them regularly informed. 
✅Position yourself as an expert in your industry. People need to readjust and go about their lives in a very different way. This doesn’t mean life stops though. If you have something you can offer people online then do it! For example, a hairdresser can give tips on how to keep your hair healthy without visiting the salon, a beautician can give skincare advice to ensure people feel good about themselves whilst staying indoors or a PT can offer stay at home, no equipment workouts to keep us active - the list goes on. 
✅Post your message across all of your social channels. The eyeballs of the world are currently on social media - whether it’s to keep updated with the news, flick through their news feed or stay connected, social media is firmly a part of the daily routine, therefore, your content is more likely to be seen, watched, listened to and valued. 
✅Create a Facebook group. This is a really positive thing to do to ensure people who are interested in your industry, brand, services, products etc have a safe place to hang out with like-minded people to share hints, tips and tricks. 
✅Be relevant, empathetic, engaging and considerate of the current situation. Sadly, it’s happening - don’t pretend it’s not - just be mindful that people will be feeling many different emotions right now so really think about the content you are presenting. Consumers need support from the brands they love, and social media provides a great vehicle to deliver that. 
✅Make sure you are regularly posting but don’t be over the top. Once a day is plenty and make sure you're also doing stories as people are much more engaged with them right now. 
✅Connect with other businesses to see how they are getting on and see if you can support them at this time. There have been some great examples of communities coming together such as #ISupportBirmingham. Join in the conversation and support local! 
✅Make sure that all of your team are sharing your content and also putting themselves in a position to offer support and care. Your staff are still your brand ambassadors. 
✅Be positive. This is a tough time but we will get through it especially if we work together and look after one another. 
Finally and most importantly - Volunteer (if you can). There are so many schemes right now to help. We personally love the NHS call for a ‘Volunteer Army’. You can help the cause against this horrendous disease by volunteering yourself - you can even do this from the comfort of your own home and still really make a difference. The NHS is looking for volunteers to help with the following: 
– delivering medicines from pharmacies; 
– driving patients to appointments; 
– bringing them home from the hospital; 
– or making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home. 
Please follow this link for more information: 
We are here to help. If anyone would like a chat about how to utilise social media at this time and strategise for the future then give us a call and we can have a virtual cuppa! 🤗 
☎️ HMRC have set up a helpline for independent businesses and self-employed people, who are worried about paying tax as result of COVID-19: 0800 0159 559 
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