These are the things profitable medical spas know about their Facebook advertising that unprofitable ones don't! 
We understand that there a million and one things to do in your business and that marketing (especially social media advertising) can often be the thing that gets pushed to the back of the queue… when in actual fact it really should be your priority. 
With no strategic marketing comes no leads and no leads results in no, or a massive lack of, new clients! 
So here are 5 things that profitable medical spas and clinics are doing when it comes to social media marketing — that unprofitable ones simply aren’t. 
1. Investing in Facebook advertising itself. 
So first and foremost - profitable medical spas are running highly strategic and successful Facebook advertising campaigns. Investing in Facebook advertising is one of the absolute best things you can do if you’re looking to grow your spa/clinic. 
Why? Because your customers are hanging out there. They want what you have to offer but they just don’t know it yet… or they don’t know your service exists! This is a GOLDMINE. And we know because we help beauty business owners tap into the wealth of opportunity that exists on Facebook every single day. 
But a word of warning - don’t just do it half heartedly. Facebook campaigns can absolutely transform your business if they're done the right way and your advertising pounds are spent properly, but it can break your business if they’re not. 
2. They know exactly how much they’re spending on Facebook/Instagram ads to the Penny. 
It’s pretty crazy how many clinics we speak to who are either a) spending zip all on Facebook ads or b) have no clue what they’re spending on their ads. Because they just boost a post here and there and hope for the best. 
Profitable medspas have a budget, they know exactly what they’re spending and they don’t underspend or overspend each month without calculation. If you’re overspending you could be blowing budget that you can't afford to be blowing and underspending could mean that you’re not getting the right number of leads through that you need and therefore aren't getting the correct number of new clients into the business that you had projected. 
3. They know their numbers! 
This…. Is SO important!  
How many clients do you need a month to reach your goals? How many leads do you need to achieve that number? What percentage of leads turn into new clients? What’s your average cost per lead on Facebook? Successful clinics know these numbers or at least the person responsible for running their marketing and advertising should. 
With the clinics we work, with we have their set ad spend budget which can be anywhere from £500/month to £50k/month spend, we know what their average cost per click on FB is, their average cost per lead, what % of leads they close, their goals, how many leads they need in order to achieve the number of clients they need… you get the point. Once you know your numbers - your Facebook advertising campaigns are like big taps that you can just turn on and off. And if, like some of our spas, you decide you want to open a new location and expand, we know we just need to double or triple the budget to get double or triple the leads and therefore double to triple the new clients. 
It really is that simple when you know your numbers. 
4. Profitable medspas laser target their audience 
Knowing who you’re targeting on Facebook is critical for any Facebook Advertising campaign. SO many times we’ve gone to audit prospective clients accounts and we see ads being advertised to everyone and anyone! Big no no. 
You should ask yourself: 
• Your ideal customer’s age 
• Their location 
• Their interests 
• Their pains 
• Their secret desires 
Profitable medical spas know all of these things about the people they’re targeting with their ads—which helps them show more relevant ads on Facebook. That, in turn, helps them make more money. 
5. Profitable beauty clinics focus on key services and treatments 
Something I bang on quite a lot about is this. A lot of clinics and spas tend to just throw ads up advertising absolutely every treatment or service they provide to absolutely everyone. This is not best practise for generating cheap, high quality leads that turn into valuable customers. 
For Facebook advertising to be successful you need to start off by choosing a treatment or service (this could be the newest treatment you have that not many other clinics have yet, it could be your most popular treatment or it could be something you really want to push.) Craft a decent offer for the treatment and focus on that... now watch your advertising campaigns transform! 
We recently worked with a clinic who could not get Facebook ads to work for them for love nor money. 
We came on board, we decided to focus on Hydrafacials because that was one of their bread and butter treatments.  
We created an offer that absolutely crushed it - people were desperate to book in because it was too good to miss and bang on point for the target audience. We created a landing page that focused on the audiences pain points and desires of their prospects, and we created highly engaging ads for them. Kapow - 100 leads in 30 days, and 60 of those people booked and paid for a Hydrafacial! Half of those booked in for a course of treatments and half also booked in for other treatments such as botox, lip fillers, cool sculpting etc. So just because you focus on one treatment, doesn't mean people won't book in for anything else but it enables your ads to speak to the right person, for exactly what they want and need. 
Your campaigns need to be laser focused. 
Are you interested in becoming a highly profitable medispa? 
Well if so, we hope this helped! 
Please reach out to us if you have any questions - we’re more than happy to help! 
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